Why Fitness Spells Freedom

We all have our reasons why we want to be fit and healthy. It could be from the dream of wearing a hot swimsuit, a goal to be stronger and more energetic, or to be relieved from symptoms of obesity related diseases. But whatever your reasons may be, it boils down to one thing- that FITNESS=FREEDOM.

Here's why:

Fitness gives you freedom from being dull, unfocused, and forgetful.

Yes, believe it or not, being fit boosts your IQ or your thinking abilities. A healthy body sends more oxygen to the brain, and also enhances the release of hormones and neurotransmitter responsible for memory boost and concentration. The neurotransmitter Dopamine, spikes motivation enabling you to be more diligent and goal oriented too.

Being fit frees you from being sluggish, irritable, or a sour grape.

Other than physical changes, exercising regularly and a healthy diet has more positive impact on our mental health. Studies show that mild depression can be treated by exercise, diet, and sunshine as effectively as anti-depressants minus the side effects. This is because more endorphins are released which is responsible for that "happy" feeling and dopamine which enhances feelings of "pleasure".

Fitness enables you to have the freedom to love yourself and the rest of the world.


Weightlifting, for example is one physical activity that gives a lot of benefits to your physique. It builds muscles that will make you look fit and lean, and fights fats to make your skin tighter and firm. It also improves bone density and posture, making you stand tall and walk confidently. You will feel lighter and stronger, which also improves your performance in any physical activity. And lastly, your body will be toned and shapely, making you confident to slip into that bikini.

Fitness is freedom from Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia.

From our last blog topic, we have discussed the importance of sleep, and how it adds up to the fitness equation. Being fit and fab goes hand in hand with rest and sleep, the more sleep you get, the healthier you'll be, and the quality of your sleep and life will improve over time.

Being fit slows down aging and early death, giving you freedom from fear.

Age is just a number, it is the signs of aging that we really should count. If fitness is your priority, you can stop counting. Working out and eating superfoods help reverse the signs of aging because of cell repair and organs rejuvenated. 

Fitness is Freedom to Enjoy Life!

Eat, Sleep, Lift, Repeat. 

Fitness is not about torturing yourself, or eating stuff that you don't like, nor is it about not eating at all. Being active is not about killing yourself during workouts resulting in injuries or over fatigue. Fitness is not about sacrificing hours meant for sleep, relaxation, family and friends.

Freedom. Fitness is freedom to choose when and what to eat, then burn them off with a physical activity of your choice. Swim, bike, run, lift, dance, whatever you want to do, just as long as you have fun and it keeps you moving. In the long run, fitness gives you more freedom- from diabetes, obesity, anxiety, heart diseases, asthma, allergies, and regrets.






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