High Protein Party Food Ideas

Hosting a party shouldn't make you worry about ruining your guests or your diet. We picked and tested recipes here to help you and your fit buddies have a blast without breaking your healthy lifestyle pledge. Easy to prepare, healthy, protein-rich, and delicious! Make a big batch for a party, or freeze to plan a healthy weekly menu.


Cornmeal Parmesan Crusted Salmon Fingers

(click the link for the recipe from Honey and Figs Kitchen)

Our verdict: These are really good! Salmon- packed with protein and Omega-3, c'mon what can possibly go wrong?! A big plus on this recipe is that it is BAKED, not fried! It is crunchy, tender, tasty, and you can cut it into bite sized strips, perfect as pica-pica for a party.


Zucchini Fries

 (recipe from Damn Delicious)

Our verdict: Very simple, basic ingredients, like us, you'll be amazed on how simple this veggie dish is, but oh so tasty! These are oven roasted, with 7.5g of protein per serving, cut into sticks, so party perfect!


Zucchini Turkey Burger Sliders

(recipe from Olives and Garlic)

Our verdict: No, we do not like Zucchini, we love it! They are inexpensive, packed with nutrients, and make excellent fillers or substitute for meat. Burgers, served anytime, anywhere is an instant star.


Baked Mozzarella Sticks

(recipe from Deliciously Yum)

Our verdict: Drooled when we were making it, still drooling while eating it, now drooling just writing about it. Mozzarella cheese- totally a no-brainer, we'll go for it anytime of the day. So rich, yet packed with just the right protein and fats. This is extra special because it is baked, not fried, less cholesterol and unwanted oil fats.


Spicy Cajun Chicken Quinoa

 (recipe from BBC Good Food)

Our verdict: Overall good! A very healthy dish to serve to your guests or make a part of your midweek meal plan. Protein and fiber rich quinoa and chicken breasts make this a workout and weight loss friendly party food. 


Thai Salmon Kebabs with Sweet Chili and Lime Dip

(recipe from BBC Good Food)

Our verdict: This is a great new way to cook and serve salmon fillet. Savory and very filling, we love the dip and paired it with basmati rice. Sesame oil enhances its flavor, and made it more fragrant. 


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