Pros And Cons: Working Out with Friends

In life, there are times that we want to bask in solitude, run alone while thinking about life, or go to the gym solo to  or enjoy the company of others. Having someone to share your goals and work with them may sound like a good idea, but it may sometimes backfire especially when you didn't choose wisely. Like so many other things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages in working out with friends. We summed it up for you:

Advantages of Working Out with Friends

1. You'll feel more motivated. Feeling down or lazy after a long day? Having a friend who shares the same goals like you will be there to encourage you to get on your feet. It is also easier to cancel plans with yourself, but cancelling on a friend who is already in the gym is kinda rude. 

 2. You'll work harder. Nothing beats a little friendly competition as a motivation. You'll push each other to work better and harder. You can set the same goals or strive to reach a certain level at the same time, so it's more likely you'll stick to your routine.


3. You'll have a spotter. For life. Oh, we mean for the rest of your working out days. No need to approach a random person to help you. And no need to count reps all by yourself, too. 

4. You'll be more mindful. You'll be more conscious about how and when you do your workouts because someone is counting on you. You'll also be more aware of what you eat or drink, because you wouldn't want to be the bad influence, right?

5. You are guaranteed to have more fun. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier. Life gets easier when you have a friend by your side. The right workout partner will make moments of your fitness journey more fun and memorable.

Disadvantages of Working Out with Friends

1. Solitude and peace- of course, the gym is not the place to reflect or find your inner person. But it would really be a dread if your workout buddy keeps on breaking your focus or concentration. We are talking about someone who's always on rest, oh I mean on the phone, stops counting reps just to veer your attention to a "hottie", or somebody who doesn't pay attention to your form because their mind is too busy thinking what's for dinner or what to buy in the grocery after workout. Hey, "total distraction" leads to "total destruction" of your fitness goals and health habits.

2. Wrong workout buddies will be like anchors, not buoys. If you train with people who are better than you, they will motivate you. But if they are weaker than you, they will slow you down. If the passion and determination they have is weaker than yours, more likely you'll end up in a fast food or in a diner every post workout.

3. Scheduling conflicts is on our list. There will be times that you won't really make it to your workout session because something really important came up. Other times, it's your friend's turn to do a no show. This is a catastrophe if it happens most of the time. Cancelled workout sessions means serious loss. 


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