What to Look for In A Gym or Fitness Center

Make fitness more fun and make the gym your happy place by choosing the right gym or fitness center for you. Picking a gym shouldn't be hard if you have already figured out what you want exactly on your mind. It isn't also as easy that you should just sign up to the gym nearest to you. Your list should be divided into two- what you think are are necessities or "must haves" and the other is what you think would be cool to have or "fancy features". So, we've come up with a guide here to help you figure out what to consider before you sign that membership form.

 Distance isn't always the number one factor.

Although distance is an important factor, it isn't the most important factor to consider in looking for a fitness center or gym. Just because it is the nearest gym, it doesn't mean it is the right one for you. Some women treat their workout as an escape or a getaway. They don't want to constantly bump in to neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances which may take away focus from their routine.

Think ahead on equipment.

If you are focusing on weightlifting or strength training, make sure to choose a gym that can support you in terms of equipment and  weights. At first a 5 pound barbell may seem too heavy, but in the long run, lifting a 100 pound barbell can be as easy as pie! The basics should include an Olympic barbell, a squat rack or power rack, dip stations, and benches.

Your money's worth.

Shop around, compare prices, check out member privileges, and look for the "fine print" in the contract. Late summer or New Year are the best times to sign up, some fitness centers offer new member promotions, or special freebies.

Know "who" are you looking for.

Some women prefer to go to a ladies' gym because they feel awkward being watched by men while working out. Others go to the gym to look for a date or perhaps a potential partner in life. While some don't like crowded gyms, others love to socialize and meet new people.

If the timing is right.

Be sure to check out the operating hours of the gym. Are you a morning person and loves to work out first thing in the morning? Or are you a night owl and want to hit the gym late at night? Find a gym that operates when you need and want it.


Check if they have Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, or Pole Dancing classes. These classes are great to take in times of boredom or if you feel "tired" of your usual workout routine. Not only that they are fun to do from time to time, these activities are beneficial to our health too!

Review the reviews or score a trial day.

Some fitness centers or gym offer a trial for a day so you can experience a workout at their gym. Test, feel, and use their equipment, restrooms, shower and changing rooms, dumbbells and barbells. Check out their social media pages, and read comments or reviews.

Working out is a serious business since it is one of many ways you can take care of your health and your body. Finding the right gym will motivate and keep you on track. 


























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