Awesome Ideas on How to Reward Yourself

We all deserve a reward for a job well done, for a milestone, or a breakthrough. Rewards help us stay motivated, and somehow focus on the “prize”, not just the end results. A reward need not be expensive, and it doesn’t always have to be FOOD!  

Here are some awesome ideas for rewards you can set for each goal achieved.

1. Take a day off and spend it on “Me time”- all of these you can do without breaking the bank. The aim is to feel refreshed, rewarded, and recharged.

  • Sleep all day- or take an extra long nap


  • Take a long, hot bath- use that oil or soap you’ve been saving for special occasions


  • Read a book- it may be a new one you’ve been dying to read, or a favorite book that you love to read over and over again


  • Have a movie marathon- re-watch classics, or chick flicks that inspire and motivate you to move and make a difference (watch out for our post Fuel for the Soul Chick Flicks)


  • Watch TV- catch up on your favorite series, laugh out loud on silly game shows or comedy classics, or bring back childhood memories with cartoons


  • Listen to music- or a podcast, or an audio book (really, listen to anything that relaxes or pumps you up)


  • Surf the net (but do not check work email!)- Chat with friends, read the latest news around the globe, or watch trending videos. The idea is to be entertained, and be stress free.

  • Take a walk- you can go to a nice quiet place and enjoy the solitude, or leisurely walk your dog around the neighborhood or in a dog park

2. Pamper yourself- while food gives us comfort, makes us “feel” happy, and a rather excellent meal fills us with satisfaction,  there are other stuff in the world that can give us the same feeling.

  • A massage- use essential oils, or a good massage lotion with mint. It will feel soooo good especially if you have been working out so hard, you may not realize it, but you are so sore


  • Schedule a spa visit- get a full body scrub, nothing beats the feeling of having refreshing clean body!


  • Get a mani-pedi-

  • A classy haircut- nothing beats the feeling of having a new look that exudes power and confidence. Go to an expert hairdresser and also get a shampoo service, and a scalp massage.

3. Try something new- a new experience, a new product, a new place, a new hobby, or a new feeling. Spice up your life by rewarding yourself with new experiences.

  • Adopt a pet or visit a pet shelter- get a dog to keep you company on your walks, or donate food and pat a cat, you will feel good in doing good!

  • Try a new routine or workout- have you tried Boxing? Zumba? How about pole dancing? Swimming is also a great exercise routine that is worth trying.

  • Visit a local attraction that you have never visited. Go to a museum, park, or a library that is nearby but you never got the time to check out.

  • Buy a new perfume or a new shade of lipstick. Or you can buy new workout gear! Check out these cool boxing wraps. These are simple pleasures that can make you feel rewarded and more confident.

  • Do you like arts and crafts? Or do you love candles or soap? Do you have a passion for writing or making music? You can start a scrapbook or paint, or  create jewelry. Make your own scented candles or soap. Join a creative writing workshop, or compose songs. 

There are far too many ways to reward yourself other than food. Can you think of other ways? Please share with us in the comments how and when you treat yourself for a job well done. Let's Sparkle and Sweat!






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