Tips for Finding the Proper Workout Gear

Oh yes! We let fashion and fitness collide in here! But really, there’s more to workout gear than meets the eye. We recommend wearing proper workout gear because it is the most sensible thing to do… You wouldn’t wear a cocktail dress to the gym, would you? Bahaha.. The thing is, when we say “proper workout gear”, here’s what we really mean, and why it is important:

1. Comfort - First to consider here is the fabric. It has to be moisture-wicking, it should drive away moisture and sweat from your skin which can cause a lot of skin and health problems. Most active and performance clothing are made of polyester and/or Lycra blends. Cotton blends and nylon are also great since they are lightweight, breathable, and soft. While cotton shirts are comfy, they become heavy and cling to your body as you perspire, so this is not suitable for intense workouts. There are also brands of clothing that keep you cool while you exercise, and there are those that will keep you warm during the winter.

2. Coverage - Workout outfit should cover most of your body, and should compliment your body image. Most beginners would like loose clothing, and the more fit they become, they switch to fitted outfits. There is nothing wrong with that, just make sure that you are comfortable and confident about how you look and feel with your clothing. Avoid loose shorts or pants, anything that hugs the thigh and the belly is a great option, nobody ever dreams of wardrobe mishaps and unwanted exposure. Also, ladies, please be aware of your neckline, you wouldn’t want those breasts plunging out, or to be self-conscious, or uncomfortable with the stares you’ll get, do you?

3. Support - This is very important as this can save you from injuries and other health risks. Women should invest to finding an excellent sports bra. Support bras are for the protection of your breast tissues and ligaments. They prevent them from tearing, stress, and over-stretching. Choose bras according to your chosen workout activity, also, big chested ladies should choose bras with wider bands and straps for maximum support. On the other hand, men should wear protective cups, especially if they lift, or play contact sports. Shoes also makes a huge impact on your workout. Never wear worn out shoes. Choose shoes that supports your weight and movements to avoid foot and knee injuries.

4. Fashion Factor - Of course, nobody wants to look drab! We want to look fab! But being fab doesn’t mean that you have to wear flashy jewelry and accessories or walk in the gym fully made up. Brands don’t even matter, what really matters is how you put everything together and make it work. Make sure you only wear gear or accessories that you really need. Wrist wraps will help a lifter have more strength and size gains. Workout gloves improve your grip and prevents calluses and blisters on the hands, which could make you take a break from lifting or using some equipment. Belts increase intra-abdominal pressure yet reduce stress on the spine. All these are dubbed as workout gear or “accessories”, but each of them has their own use and functionality…

Wearing the proper workout outfit and gear is one of the steps you should take to ensure a worry-free and injury free workout.

Being motivated is hard enough, so if something else runs through your mind and makes you lose focus while you exercise, especially if it's about what you are wearing, time to consider revamping your workout wardrobe!

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Written by Sparkle & Sweat Shop

Blog Writer: Jan Paula Aquino

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