Exercises That You Don't Really Need But Do Anyway

Exercise. Workout. Some days we dread even the thought of having to go to the gym. We struggle sometimes to find motivation, so I think everyone would agree if I say that nobody wants to waste time or engage in time-wasting exercises. Well surprise, surprise! Here are exercises that you may have been doing frequently or somehow included in your routine but the thing is, they do more harm than good.


First on our list is a popular exercise known to target abs. Yes, you guessed it right. CrunchesCrunches or Sit ups are popular because it is believed to shrink belly fat and give you six packs. Some people do 1,000 sit-ups or crunches per day, but hey, still no abs! Why? First of all, science backs it up, crunches only focus on surface muscles, not the core, which may give you a six-pack but the most important muscles for true core strength are neglected. Sit ups and crunches when done wrong may damage your spine, cause neck pains, creates tension and restriction on the hips, and may also worsen the condition of patients who have diastasis recti.


Next on our list is not a bird, not a plane, yeah, you guessed it right, it’s Supermans! Doing this exercise won’t make you look like a gorgeous superhero at all. It involves lying flat on the floor on your stomach and raising both your arms and legs. That’s it, you just lay there, doing nothing but possibly strain your back or neck. I am not sure if it does anything else to your body, for your muscles or fats, what benefits you get from this no resistance, so basically it is useless and a waste of your precious workout time.


If you are going to do a Lying Leg Curl, I think it would be a better idea if you just skip Leg Day. LOL. The lying leg curl is an isolation exercise that targets only the hamstring muscles. What’s wrong with this exercise is that it ignores your glutes, which should work with your hamstrings. If you keep doing this exercise that doesn’t work like how your muscle works, you will end up overtiring and pulling your hamstrings. Kettlebell swings and Stiff leg deadlifts are great alternatives, so please, no to skipping leg day.

A great workout is truly a great one if it yields results. A great workout makes you feel and look great, and should not make you suffer or deal with injuries. We all have a lot to deal with, and with so little time. This world now has a lot of offering that makes us fat or crave or just lose ourselves into. What we don’t need right now is an exercise routine that is ineffective or inefficient. Productivity, consistency, and knowledge all go hand in hand for a workout that is truly worth all your time and effort.

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