What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet Of All Time? (Part 2)

This blog post is a continuation of another, see the part 1 of this post here.

Lighterlife- They claim to have a “mindful approach” to help you lose weight. A very low calorie meal replacement diet combined with counseling are the main outline of their weight loss plans. After an assessment of your target weight, they will design a weight loss plan suitable for you. If you have a BMI of over 30, you’ll be given 4 food packs, each pack consists of shakes, porridge, mixed meals, nutritional bars or soup. Rapid weight loss may be experienced, especially if you strictly follow and stick to the plan. However, a very low calorie diet shouldn’t be followed for more than 12 weeks. It is important to consult your doctor before joining this program.

Paleo Diet- It is also called as Caveman diet or Stone Age diet. The idea is to eat foods that are available to Paleolithic humans, anything that can be hunted, caught, or gathered. And of course to avoid foods that they don’t have access to, such as processed, instant, and modified food. And on top of the list are pasta, cereal, and candy. Paleo advocates state that this is not really a diet, but a long term healthy way of eating. While some really changed their lifestyle to eat the “Paleo” way, others didn’t stick to this diet due to lack of variety and the elimination of a lot of food groups.

Slimming World- No measuring, no calorie counting- just eat until you're full. Yes, you really can eat as much as you want, as long as it is a free food on their list. You can get support from fellow slimmer’s at weekly group meetings and follow an exercise plan. The plan will help you lose about 1-2 lbs./week. The downside is when you come off the program, you might get off track since you weren’t educated much about calories, portion sizes, and nutrients.


South Beach diet- According to their website, the South Beach Diet is not a fad diet, but a doctor-designed, safe, and effective weight loss plan. It has 3 phases, each phase is a step by step process, which is designed to make you love food, and lose weight at the same time. The first two weeks are the most difficult but promises you to lose a lot of weight and fast. The downside is, since there are food restrictions, especially on carbs, you may feel weak, and will miss out on some key nutrients and fiber.


Weight Watchers- This plan is a point based system which gives a value to foods and drink based on protein, carbs, fat and fiber content. The plan is designed to make you lose 2 lbs. a week, but mind you, no food is restricted, but you should closely “monitor” the points. So for this diet, you don’t only count calories, but also count everything else. It is effective as long as you dedicate yourself in strictly following your points allowance even if you go off the program.



The Verdict:

After researching, and studying, and trying out some of the diet mentioned here, the BEST DIET of all time is…

..the one you can stick with. Face it, you knew we weren't gonna be able to actually come up with the "BEST", right? :)  Everyone one is so different, and what might be the "best" for one person, isn't the "best" for another. 

Remember, there are no magic potions, secret formulas, or short-cuts. A diet should not really be a diet or even a weight-loss plan. It should be a lifestyle. Envision something that you can live with, learn and study that, get help from an expert- a dietician or nutritionist. Always start with something that appeals to you and would fit your way of life. Remember, not everything or anything works for anyone or everyone. :)



Written by Sparkle & Sweat Shop

Blog Writer: Jan Paula Aquino

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