• Sleep: Why It Adds Up to the Fitness Equation

    Lack of sleep is the silent sabotage on your weight loss goals- you follow a healthy diet and exercise religiously, but still can't keep off the extra weight? Here are reasons why sleep completes the equation.

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  • Motivational Workout Playlist Part 2

    Have you checked out the first part of this post? Here’s more great music for great workout sessions:

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  • Motivational Workout Playlist Part 1

    Let us share with you a few tracks that us and our fit buddies love.

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  • Exercises That You Don't Really Need But Do Anyway

    Here are exercises that you may have been doing frequently or somehow included in your routine but the thing is, they do more harm than good.

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  • Fitness Goals: How to Stay Motivated

    Fitness Goals: How to Stay Motivated

    So you have started a new fitness routine, you feel good, you start noticing great changes, and people around you start seeing it too. Your start was so high-energy, so pumped-up, and you talk about it non-stop, but after a few weeks, energy levels start to drop down. Your enthusiasm, strength, and focus start to leave you. There comes a time when it’s cold outside and you prefer to sleep in rather than jog. Or you might think that since you have dropped a few pounds, skipping a day at the gym won’t hurt. And this is why you are back at another “start” of your fitness routine. Now, we’ve seen people who have reached their goal- and never stopped aiming high. How did they do it? What keeps them motivated? Here are tips and tricks:


    Train your mind: This one is backed up by Science- our brain creates a “habit loop”, it is formed in our subconscious, so our mind and body executes habits almost automatically. Habits have three components, triggers, routines, and rewards. So if your chosen physical activity is running in the morning, wearing your running clothes to bed and getting your shoes and hoodie ready at the bedroom door may be your trigger, walking 5 minutes as warm-up and running for an hour may be your routine, and a nice tall glass of smoothie may be your reward. 


    Challenge your body: Remember the movie Groundhog Day? This is a movie where Bill Murray’s character has to relive the same day over and over again. At first, he was thrilled at the idea, but eventually he got so depressed and wanted so bad for things to change. So if you are not trapped in a time loop or something, why are you doing the same exercises over and over again? Why not try other physical activities? Or you can change the order of how you do things, like saving your favorite for last. If you are doing Zumba, why not switch to a new set of music and move? You don’t have to drastically change your routine, you can switch other activities to try new ones.



  • Prepare your thoughts: I remember a scene from Finding Nemo wherein the fishes inside the tank had a goal to escape. Their focus was to make the aquarium dirty, so they had to “think dirty thoughts” to get motivated. Keep thinking healthy thoughts, checkout our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram, pick a favorite quote or photo and paste them on your workstation, bathroom mirror, or fridge door. You can download apps that focuses on how you can achieve your fitness goals. Subscribe to newsletters, magazines, and journals that focus on fitness and health. Lastly, toss out “reminders” of an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Let your heart indulge: Find fitness buddies, or motivate your partner to be fit and healthy too. Doing things with a loved one or special someone makes it more enjoyable and fun. Find foodie partners, people who are mindful of what they eat and can create lean, mean recipes and healthy meals. Why not get your family involved in fun runs, healthy cook-outs, or a sports fest? Why not organize a charity event- a transformation fashion show or activewear fashion show with your BFFs? Allow your heart to be delighted while working out.


    Written by Sparkle & Sweat Shop
    Blog Writer: Jan Paula Aquino



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