Matcha Tea: 7 Things You Should Know

If you love green tea, then you probably know that it’s good for you, and you may have heard of Matcha. Matcha is the elixir of green tea and the most premium variety of green teas.  It is the oldest and highest variety of green tea in Japan. It is packed with amazingly unbelievable benefits and contains extremely high levels of antioxidant amino acids. Here are important things you should know about Matcha:

  • 1. Matcha tea = 10 cups of regular green tea
  • Matcha are leaves that are ground to fine powder form, unlike green tea that are in bags and steeped with hot water. When you drink a cup of matcha, you ingest the entire leaf and your body receives 100% of the nutrients.


  • 2. It calms your mind and relaxes your body
  • Matcha is very rich in L-Theanine, which is a relaxing and non-dietary amino acid that is found almost exclusively in teas from Camellia sinensis (Green Tea Catechins). It is known to promote relaxation without sedation, which makes it perfect to drink prior to activities like meditation and yoga.

    3. Boosts your metabolism.

    Matcha aids in digestion and burns calories, but without the side effects that most diet aids have. It is rich in EGCG [epigallocatechin gallate] which improves cardiovascular and metabolic health.

  • 4. This tea helps fight cancer
  • Again, take note of the EGCG, this catechin is widely known for its anti-cancer effects as well as for the prevention and aid in treatment of certain diseases. The catechins and the chlorophyll found in Matcha fights the effects of free radicals, UV rays, radiation, and chemicals.  
  • 5. Matcha cleanses and detoxifies your body

    Matcha is a great pick me up drink in the morning, and a great cleansing drink at night. Drinking it to start your day refreshes your body from lost minerals and electrolytes lost during sleep and repair. It also fights free radicals and toxins, so you’ll feel good during the day. Drink it before going to bed to cleanse your colon, eliminate heavy metals from your body, and calm your mind.


    6. It’s better than coffee in boosting energy levels

    There is no crash or downtime when you drink Matcha. It supplies a steady, gradual, and consistent release of energy that can last for 3-6 hours. A cup of Matcha contains 34mg of caffeine, while coffee has 90mg. Coffee caffeine gives an energy burst and then a crash. The caffeine in Matcha binds with L-Theanine, which makes the energy release slower. More energy, less caffeine.

  • 7. Matcha is delicious
  • No need for sweetener, it has this lingering unique sweetness, which is all natural! You’ll actually “taste” that this drink is healthy. What’s good about matcha?  It is not only good for drinking, it can be used in baking and cooking, it adds a full, bold, and rich flavor. It gives dessert a whole new taste; you can reduce sugar when you flavor with matcha. There are countless matcha recipes online you can choose from. We have tried and tested some and they are just awesome!


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