Waive Your Weight Lifting Woes! Some Reasons Why...

I don’t know why, but it seems that girls are locked and labeled that we should only do “girly stuff”. Even in choosing fitness routines, most women would choose Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, or Yoga first, and Weightlifting most likely would end up last. But why? It is because of this misconception:

Lifting weights will make you big and bulky.

Yes. This is the common fear of most women I have asked in the gym. They fear that they would build muscles far larger than their husband or boyfriend. They worry that they would turn to girl versions of the Incredible Hulk. And probably it is because of some of the photos of professional bodybuilders they see online or while watching the Olympics.

But here are hard facts:

Your hormones won’t allow it. You won’t bulk up like a man does. This fact is backed by Science. Testosterone is a hormone that is mainly responsible in building muscles and maintaining its bulk. Men have higher levels of testosterone, because this hormone is secreted primarily by the testicles. Women’s ovaries also produce testosterone but in low levels and just enough to fulfill its role in reproductive and sexual health.

Your genes won’t allow it. Your Genetic Muscular Potential is very different from the males. Yes, you can also reach your 100% potential, but the size or the bulk will definitely not be the same size as men’s muscles. More good news, your strength and overall physique will also reach its 100% best. So you may be wondering, how on Earth did those women from the Olympics or other body building competition got so big and bulky? The answer is years of training, supplementation, and a program that was specifically designed to get bulky.


Bottom line is… Muscle is hard to BUILD, you won’t get bulky overnight or even if you lift weights for a year and are already lifting really HEAVY weights. No, you don’t build muscles that fast, even if you think or “feel” you do. It just won’t happen unless you WANT to, but again, it would take a lot of things before you ever go that far.


Written by Sparkle & Sweat Shop
Blog Writer: Jan Paula Aquino



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