Finding Balance

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I am in the process of finding balance between living, being healthy, and being fit.  I am no longer that girl carrying around canned tuna and franks red hot sauce in her purse, that girl setting up camp on the stair-mill, or that girl that fears that too many carbs could possibly cause her roll over and die!  However, I am the girl that may or may not have had some starbursts with breakfast this morning… which is not a regular occurrence; I am definitely not encouraging unhealthy habits.  Sure I am no longer that girl with 8% bodyfat and about 10lbs lighter, but I am a girl that is working on being happy with herself, no matter what the scale says, or what percentage body fat I am.  I made the mistake of letting myself think that once I got down to my goal weight or once I hit that lower number in body fat… that it would make me happy with every part of myself!  The truth is when I was 8% bodyfat and just under 100lbs… I don’t remember once thinking to myself, I am happy!  Letting myself believe that my happiness is based on my outside appearance is still a daily struggle.

I don’t want to encourage being unhealthy, or not going to the gym or working on your fitness, but I do want to encourage finding balance between what is important in life as a whole, rather than the importance of fitting into those smaller jeans.  Spend just as much time working on loving what you have on the inside, as you spend working on what is on the outside.

Find what you love about yourself on the inside before you let the what’s on the outside dictate your happiness! 

Warning… let me be honest, I am still apprehensive about these photos, and I am sorry if they offend any of you.  These photos are about acceptance and loving the body you have right now… in this moment! 


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